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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Freebie Site

I'm not going to go into the details of earning with freebie site referral programs, but I will offer some quick advice for anyone who is starting to think about this as a supplementary income.

I will say that many people make money with freebie site referral programs. The story goes like this:
  1. person A signs up for randomfreebiesite.com.
  2. person A completes a certain number of offers that the freebie site requires in order to receive the freebie that A wants (e.g. cash, a video game, an ipod) This is achieved by signing up for trial or monthly subscriptions to various programs--some are more legitimate than others, so do your research--usually a person will have to sign up for 2 to 5 of these programs, but some of them are themselves free to try or are very inexpensive (1-10.00 bucks)
  3. person A satisfies the "offers requirement" and posts in a respected forum community that he's looking for x number of referrals so that he can complete the "referral" requirement. The more valuable the freebie offer was for A, the more people he'll need to get as referalls
  4. person A has the requisite number of people he needs as active referrals under him. This just means that all referals successfully completed the requisite number of offers that person A originally had to do.
  5. person A receives his "freebie"--say it's 100.00 dollars into his paypal acccount.
  6. person A splits the money he received among the number of referalls in an honest and fair way (hopefully)
  7. Everyone benefits: sponsors for the freebie sites receive consumer feedback/use of their products, and the consumers got paid off for the efforts.
The key to this sort of activity is really the forum and/or the forum users that serve as your educators and initial payees. My favorite is the relatively new freelunch forums located at www.freelunchforums.com They have a very handy trade manager (although its still a bit counterintuitive) and a helpful moderating staff. It's very easy to find honest traders, too and the trader rating option is a great way to appreciate immediately--at some extent-- their level of experience.
Now, apparently the industry has seen a huge increase in the number of scam artists taking advantage of this niche opportunity. I'll deal with this issue in the next post, as I believe it is somewhat independent to a post about the general mechanics of earning money with freebie site referral programs.