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Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am, by no means, a computer geek. So when my boss asked my to build her a quickie website one afternoon, I immediately went into panic mode! Luckily, for me, we discovered an internet company called Godaddy.com that specializes in, among other things, website design. In fact, they have a product called Website Tonight that basically prompts you to design your very own site and have it up and running within a matter of hours!Well this all sounded great on paper, but I was still a bit skeptical. Even my boss was a tad leery of Website Tonight's promises. However, for the minimal costs involved we decided to go for it and Godaddy.com did not disappoint.

The Website Tonight product features three price levels. The Economy package offers five website pages and is priced at just $4.49 for an entire year. The Deluxe plan includes 10 pages and costs only $8.00 for the year and the Premium package provides unlimited pages at just $11.69 per year. We opted for the Economy deal for our first attempt with the option to upgrade at a later time provided we are satisfied with the service. Buy, hey for $4.49 a year, even if we aren't satisfied we figure we'll just chalk it up to experience.Once the product is purchased, you immediately have access to a few hundred website templates. There are pre-built sites and blank sites to choose from. If you are really adventurous and plan on importing lots of pictures and graphics, the blank templates work great. If you're a novice, like me, the pre-designed sites are the way to go.

Godaddy.com displays site samples related to many types of businesses and allows you to choose from several background colors. If your specific business is represented in the options you can literally just drop in your information and you're good to go! But for a more customized page you can delete the specific graphics on a desired template and simply replace them with your own, while retaining the color and format of the chosen format. Next, you can delete the sample's print and add in your very own text. You can also specify how many pages you want your website to contain. This amount is based upon your purchased package. The Website Tonight program from Godaddy.com easily walks you through the development of additional pages like: contact, services, about us, testimonials, etc. Simply add in your t ext and move on. The system allows you to import a certain amount of pictures, logos and graphics with just the click of a button. And when your finished spellchecking, another click of a button launches your brand new website. The whole process of Website Tonight on Godaddy.com, from start to finish, took me around three hours. Not bad for a beginner! And now that I've experienced Website Tonight, if I had to do it again, I know my site would be bigger and better!

Godaddy.com offers a plethora of other internet based services like domain names, web hosting and more. They will even custom design a website for you costing around $1000 per year. For more information on Website Tonight and other web related products, log onto www.godaddy.com.