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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Huge Business Empire

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I was thinking while lying on my bed the other day. Just before I went
to bed, I had a thought. A good thought. It is always a dream for me
to build a business empire - A huge business empire. Getting stuck in
Asia means there are limitations in the economy. It isn't as fantastic
as the European Union, Great Britain, the United States or even the
upcoming China. However, one thing that I'm pretty sure, the Internet
is borderless. That means doing business anywhere and anytime. Thus
this might be the best venture ever in this century.

I've missed the first wave that came during the mid and late 90's -
the first Internet wave. If I caught it, I'm sure I'll be wealthy. But
back then I didn't have a great vision - the vision of building a
business empire. 10 years later which is now, my vision finally took
off. And it all started with one website. Though nothing majestic or
something to be awed at, this is my launch pad to success. People
might laugh at me or perhaps maybe they are half true, that I might
never succeed. Oh well, I got the other half to prove them wrong. Or
at least get them half way wrong (if you get what I mean).

Before I went to bed yesterday, I had a thought. I notice that there
is a hierarchy in every community.

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You started out as a noob or newbie
and when you graduate you become a freshman and slowly a senior and
finally the boss. I consider myself as a newbie when it comes to
building an online business. Though I might be not as young 10 years
ago, I just started building something online last month. Continuous
building will graduate me to a freshman. I notice that there are
already hundreds or in fact thousands of online gurus out there. Many
of them have already set up pretty impressive websites or online
businesses. A glance at Adwords advertisements you can see a few of
them. And not only they have advertise their sites in Adwords, you can
even see similar advertisements in Yahoo! Publisher Network,
BidVertiser, AdBrite and many more. Those are the people that have the
resources to burn and those are your online gurus.

This journey might take as little as one year before I see some
reasonable and sustainable results. Compared to problogger Darren
Rowse, he took three years. Not only he has a great blog, he revealed
that he has several other websites. Another senior and self proclaimed
Internet Marketer Gobala Krishnan is also one of them. I remembered he
claimed that he has over 20 websites running concurrently online! I am
still receiving many emails from his business everyday. This is how I
learn from him, by looking at what he is doing.

Here's an illustration of the hierarchy itself.

The Boss - Does not even need to update anything on his website, he
pays other people or a blogger $200 a month to do the work for him. At
the end of the month, he gets a five to six figure income from
Adsense, affiliate programs, advertisement revenue on his website and
enjoys a monthly holiday abroad. You can find his advertisement
everywhere on Adwords, Yahoo! Publisher Network, etc. High chances you
will see his websites appearing at the top of the list when you do a
search in Yahoo! or Google. His entire websites are page ranked
between 7 to 9 and some even 10 in Google.

Senior/Gurus - Knows the ways of the force. Just started to grow
exponentially and is appearing everywhere on various advertisement
channels. Has up to 20 websites within his grasps. A steady four to
five figure income every month. Celebrated as the problogger and
worshipped by the freshman or noob. If you ask for his advice, he'll
most likely tell you that automation is the key and money is what
makes things goes round the world. Has several page ranked 5 to 7

Freshman - Starting to make money out of his website. Everything is
money on his eyes. When a noob request to exchange links most probably
you'll get this response - What's in it for me? Charges $50 a month on
his Page Rank 5 or 6 websites to noobies that wish to get their site
indexed into Yahoo! or Google. Has tons of offer by various paid to
blog sites to post articles on his web. You can find many sponsored
links in the link section. Some even decorated their sites with
advertising banners.

Noob - The babies and maybe future online business empire owner. They
just realized that money can be made online. Unfortunately more than
50% of noobs died half way in their journey. 75% didn't even get
through half the way and 90% died during the first three months. These
are the workers of an organization and have a 9 to 5 job and aren't
really committed to what ever they are doing in their lives. For those
aspiring noobies, you can find them posting messages in forums
requesting for link exchange, always checking out other people's blog
for online opportunities but generally this group of lads are good and
friendly people. Has a page rank of 0 to 4 website.

So which are you? Start aiming high today!

Friday, April 3, 2009

How to Have Your Free Website Domain but please becareful

FREE Domain with Web Hosting Purchase Web Hosting as low as $11.95 a month

I must admit I'm a neophyte in the internet world as well as in the ABC's of the so-called "state-of-the art" website domain.  As a matter of fact, I got my Vista laptop only last December as a Christmas gift to me by my eldest daughter who was working in a hospital in England. I had my SmartBro internet connection installed only this January 2009 and I just learned few simple RSS links, searches, and browsers. Since it was my first time in the internet I took pleasure of browsing for some work-at-home jobs, bloggers, article writing opportunities, on-line marketing and other business offers. In this end, I came across with some luring proposal of free membership MLM or affiliate programs wherein I gave way to almost every offer of this kind. Reading some of their fascinating promises of easy huge earnings "without leaving your home" , I was gradually conditioned to believe that this was the best offer so far and I started working on it until I became a member Affiliate. I believe I did follow my lessons I learned from the articles of the so-called affiliate gurus - on how to send links to different websites "to expand my clout", send invites to friends, and other so-so in the affiliate system. I did work on it for almost two months now and I still notice no changes in my Google Adsense Display Report.

Then came this company ads which claims;  "greatly increases your internet presense". "....Affiliate Program offers free training as well as domain names, website hosting, and a home business income opportunity. The ... affiliate program is 100% FREE with your ... membership. Our top affiliates are producing well over $10,000 monthly!"

I'm never against their system and their systems claim but I was just lured by this particular ads/offer. ...."you can "test drive" your very own website for 7 days absolutely FREE of charge.

FREE Domain with Web Hosting Purchase Web Hosting as low as $11.95 a month

After your 7 day rial you could continue to build, keep and use that website to promote anything you want for the amazing price of... Only $10.00 Per Month."

"And here's the good news. You CAN safely try this out for 7 days and cancel it before the 7th day easily if you feel it is not right for you and you will not be charged or have to request for a refund. I will show you an easy way."

Then I signed up to this 7-day test drive for my so-called very own website  hoping for the promising downlines and expected help as a member of this affiliate program for free. Two days before the 7th day trial end wherein I saw no progress in my Adsense Report of Earnings I sent message to the company requesting for the cancellation of my domain account but I was told back that they only allow members to cancel it by phone... for security reasons.  I could not do so however, since I'm in different time zone and it is expensive to call for USA for this particular purpose.

Then I browsed for some related FAQs about the alternative and I came across to this answer:

Q: BUT, what if I am in a different time zone? and it is Expensive to Call USA? How can I Cancel?

A:  (The company) did mention in their website that, for security reasons, they only allow members to cancel by phone. BUT, since this is a very valid reason, you can actually email (the company) to explain this reason to them and they will cancel your membership for you; they may even call you to confirm your cancellation. To do this, you can log into your members area to find the contact form and use this contact form to contact (the company).

When I tried to log in I could not get access to my members' area. There always appears a message of denied access because of "too many log in, please contact telephone number.....".  So why should I rather contact them for a Contact Form if I could contact them for cancellation? The problem itself is "I'm in different time zone and it is expensive to call USA", and this is my reason why I chose the alternative!!

Having this difficulty, my 7-day trial drive had lapsed and after just about two weeks, there is already a charge of P4,000.00 (Philippine currency) in my credit card for their so-called domain. This Peso amount is equivalent to $95 (U.S. dollar) more or less, which is very different from the $10 a month offer for the domain.  Don't know how they compute it!

Just for this reason, and also for security reasons, I was forced to have my very own credit card bank account cancelled, to my own detriment. I will not blame anyone for what happened because it's my own fault. I just became too careless just like anybody else and I'm a little bit ashamed to people who best knew my caliber. Please be careful signing up.

For a safe free trial - See web.com

Monday, March 30, 2009

Making Money by Selling Simple Websites

FREE Domain with Web Hosting Purchase Web Hosting as low as $11.95 a month

all webmasters know that there are many ways to make money from websites. Or what most do not realize, however, is that selling a website can be very profitable even if it is only in the early stages with little monetization or promotion done. If you are looking for another strategy to make money online than stay tuned and learn how to make money by selling simple websites.

Although there is a lot of money to be made by selling well established websites it is much easier to start a new website and then immediately sell it without having to work on any promotion whatsoever. This article will provide a brief overview of a great strategy for making money by selling simple websites.

The first thing that you need to do is register a domain and hosting account, GoDaddy and NameCheap are a couple of your best bets because they allow you to 'push' a domain to another user's account for free. Now all you need to do is come up with a simple website template. You may consider purchasing one to use for many different websites if your HTML, PHP, or CSS skills are subpar. Once you have this you are ready to begin creating your website.

FREE Domain with Web Hosting Purchase Web Hosting as low as $11.95 a month

In order to get the maximum return for a brand-new website you want to be able to offer a few things. The first thing that you want to offer is a site with a potential to earn. This means pick up the topic of the website based on something that is easy to monetize. A good indication of a hot topic is something that coincides with the product which is in high demand over the Internet. The topic of your website is one of the key factors in how much it will sell for.

After you have selected your topic the next thing that you need to do is build some great quality content. The next biggest factor in the price that your website will fetch is the content that it contains. You need to write somewhere between 15 to 25 articles for your new website. These should be anywhere from 350 to 600 words each. Do your keyword research on each of these articles, you will fetch a higher price when you sell your website if they align well with ads yet have low enough competition where they can attract a decent amount of traffic. Each of these articles needs to be 100% unique, if they are simply copied then your website will be worthless.

FREE Domain with Web Hosting Purchase Web Hosting as low as $11.95 a month

Now all that is left is to slap your content on your template, you can use your template for the next website as well, and do some minor design tweaks. A stylish looking Web 2.0 header and logo will increase the potential price of your website. There are many freely available for Photoshop tutorials which can teach you how to easily make professional looking graphics. After this is all done upload your files to your website and tie it in to your domain name. It should be noted that your price will also increase if you select a good domain name, learn the factors to look for when selecting a domain name here .

All that is left from here is selling your new website. I recommend putting your website on multiple forums for sale at the same time so that you may reach the largest base of potential buyers. Two forums which you must list on to get a maximum price include DigitalPoint and SitePoint. A good strategy is to set a low starting price with a high by it now price for your website auction. You should easily be able to turn your days worth of work into $150 - $225 depending on the quality of your selected topic, articles, graphics and domain name.

Hopefully this great strategy for making money by selling simple websites has showed you how easy it can be to earn a full-time income from the comfort of your own home.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to Wealth on the Internet

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There has been a tremendous amount of hype and ballyhoo over the past several years about starting a home based, Internet business.The advantages are well known and include the rapidly expanding Internet market place and the variety of products and services one can find and purchase there. What isn't well known or widely discussed are the numerous pitfalls and hurdles to developing a successful Internet business, for the individual entrepreneur.

The negatives start with the fact that there are literally thousands of offers and services, to chose from, some of them sell very well, most of them don't. In order to chose a successful sales niche and be able to turn around and sell products profitably, requires a great number of skills.

Skills needed, include website and or blog building and development. This may also include some basic knowledge of HTML, php, and wordpress, among others. You'll likely also need to learn about marketing systems online, such as using pay-per-click systems such as Goggle Adwords, or developing organic traffic through SEO (search engine optimization) etc.

For you see, you can't make sales unless you drive MASSIVE amounts of traffic (visitors) to your site, so that they can purchase what you're selling (hopefully). It doesn't matter if you have the greatest product in the world - if no one knows about it, you don't make sales. Traffic on the Internet rules.

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Ultimately, your success will depend on learning a great variety of skills and abilities over a period of time. If you choose to go it alone, it could take literally years, trying to learn through trial and error. It will also cost you something, as most successful Internet businesses need to purchase web domains, web hosting and advertising, software etc., the list goes on.

One way around the learning curve is to obtain the needed information and step by step training from a successful online marketer and trainer. Hopefully this will be a reputable training service, or website/blog, that has your interests at heart. Regardless, it may cost something, but the good news is that there are some excellent programs available.

The bottom line is that there are no quick fixes or shortcuts to riches - buyer beware! It will eventually boil down to a matter of your time, or your money or realistically, some degree of both. The really awesome thing is that you really can make lots of money with an Internet business once you know what you're doing and if you possess the determination and perseverance to deal with increased competition.

The author is a successful affiliate marketer and writer with over 10 years experience with online business operations.

I'm being privately coached by an online multi-millionaire. Are you?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Facebook,Myspace and Twitter

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What is the Difference?
The internet has become all the rage. If you have internet you have to get a hold of Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. The reason being is because these are becoming the futuristic tools to networking. It could network opportunities for a job, finding old friends or even starting your own personal career on the internet. It is a great way to get noticed.


Facebook gives its own definition to its site. Facebook's mission from the website itself is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Millions of people use Facebook everyday to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet. It use to be a tool only available to college students but it has recently opened up to the rest of the non-collegiate world. This device is great since it was founded in 2004. But be careful some jobs just might even use it as a resume upkeep. Facebook does not allow users to change the background like myspace.

Start your Facebook life and log into www.facebook.com


Myspace is a social networking website just like Facebook. Its very interactive because it allows users to join networks, finds friends, personal profiles, groups, blogs, music, photos and music groups. Myspace has made some individuals famous. It is a great tool for musicians. The networking that has been successful on Myspace has led a lot of individuals on the rise. Playboy and music labels have found some great celebrities on Myspace. Myspace allows background changed with codes to further personalize your page.

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Twitter is the newly formed baby of the Myspace and Facebook world. Twitter is also a social-networking took that allows for users to tweet! Tweeting is the update of status changes that users use on the site. It is text based and allows up to 140 characters. When you start out on Twitter it gives you the option of putting your full first and last name as well as a username that others can recognize you by. Celebutonts love this application. It resembles some of its fellow social networking celebrity websites and gives you the option to change your background but by picture or choice, encourages the use of your first and last name and it also allows you to create a user-name so that your fellow twitter friends can recognize you.

You’re future success is just a click away!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

5 ways to generate a great email list

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Internet Marketing has become the new phenomenon of landing high quality clients in a cost-effective manner. Talk about attracting clients across the globe in a matter of seconds; leave it to the Worldwide Web to get you clients that help your business thrive. But keep in mind, just because you have a website that does not mean your prospect will be tapping your URL into their keyboards. You have to make your targeted audience aware of your presence. So when you are in the process of growing your email list, remember that not everyone is going to want your product or service. The key is to build a list with clients that are going to be interested in what you have to offer. So let''s explore some effective ways to get your business noticed.
SEO article writing is a smoking hot trend where the fire is not going out anytime soon. When an inquiring mind is looking for some instant information, they usually type in a specific word that will lead them directly to a site that will provide them with relevant information. In reference to the keyword they submitted to the search engine query box. For instance, if you own a website that sells " Gold Coins", you would optimize an article to reflect what your business is about. So you would put the term " Gold Coins" in your article to increase your chances of being highly ranked in the search engines.

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SEO ranking can be very difficult to come by, so make sure you are producing quality content on a frequent basis. Or hire a SEO specialist that can assist you with ranking high in the top search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo.
You spent all of your time and effort writing a jammed packed article on your service, but no one knows about it. Because it is only displayed on your website. There are a few article submission sites that you can choose from, but one of the most popular article submission site is www.ezinearticles.com. Ezine articles allows you to post your articles on their site as well as offering a link back to your site at the end of your article. Other article directories that can help get you noticed and help you accumulate some extra cash while you are websites such as www.ehow.com.
Using banner ads to generate traffic to your site is a practical way of attracting attention to your services. Think about every time you surf the net, and you see a banner or an ad on top of the page that you are viewing. For instance, let's say you were searching for ways to lose weight. Have you ever noticed banners and ads promoting products to assist you with your weight loss goals? Think about other sites that your targeted audience peruses, and put a compelling banner ad on the sites that they search. However please note you have to make sure your target audience is most likely to click on banner ads, since banner ad advertising is slowly decreasing.
When people are searching for answers they don't go the library and look through tedious reference books anymore. They turn right to online forums and discussion groups, in search of solutions to their problems. Your goal should be to locate the most popular forums, and position yourself as an expert in your field and answer those questions in a clear and efficient manner. And you will see those hungry-for-info searchers linking back to your site in no time.
www.myspace.com and www.facebook.com are not for finding old high school friends anymore. These power networking sites attract a lot of attention. These sites allow you to post photos, video clips and more. You can reach your targeted audience in a shorter amount of time, since there are millions of users on each site. Other Social Networking sites, which are more business oriented are sites like www.linkedin.com and www.partnerup.com , these sites allow you to interact with potential clients as well as allow you to network with other business owners.
There are a myriad of useful strategies to help you build your list. You don't have to try every single one, start out with 3 or 4 different techniques to see which ones are working the best, and eliminate the ones that are not producing results.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Successful Home Business Without a College Degree

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Are you looking to be successful at a home business without a college degree? If anyone tells you that you have to have a college degree to be successful, they are out of their tree. I am a freelance content writer who recently branched out in to the world of freelance writing and I am successful at it.
Yes, everyone defines success differently, and I define it as being able to support ones self at their job. I work hard to be successful, I run a household on what I make at my home business, and it is not what my college degree is in.Anyone can succeed in freelance writing as a home business if they have determination, a grip on the English language and a solid internet connection. I work long hours each month to be successful and it does not stop once I write the article either.If I just wrote an article a day and said that is enough, I would fail. I write 6-8 articles a day for various web sites at least five days a week, sometimes I will write all seven days but it helps me in the end.
I am careful how I write my articles, if I write for Helium or Associated Content I make sure the articles are written with a technique called SEO, which will allow the search engines to find those articles easier.

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Without SEO, I would have to promote these articles in various places around the Internet, which is time consuming. I am successful at a home business because I utilize SEO on 95 percent of my articles. I also use automatic posting of my articles to social networking places like myspace, facebook, and twitter.
When I do not employ the SEO techniques I have learned, I notice a big difference in the visits I receive but some articles are not meant to be SEO'd. Knowing the difference of when to use the technique can help you become successful at a freelancing home business without any college degree.

I do have a college degree actually I have two. One is in liberal arts and the other is in computer information systems, but neither is definitive of my success here online at my home business. I could have succeeded at this home business by simply paying attention in school as I was learning grammar rules and such. I also increase my chances if success by reading a lot of material and surfing for new ideas with which to write my articles on.

I am successful at my home business at a freelance writer because I put much effort into it, and you have to in order to bring in the cash. There are days when I do not write much, but


I know I can easily catch up but working a bit more the next day. I know that my determination to succeed fuels me on and keeps me going even when I hit a writer's block. If you are looking to have a successful at home job without a college degree look into freelance content writing but please know it does take much work and is very dependent on you dedication.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Koobface" worm or "Facebook Worm"

Having just finished battling some nasty viruses on my home computer,
I looked at the news today and realized something: There is no rest
for the weary. The "Koobface" worm or infamous "Facebook Worm" that
was first discovered last July has made a comeback, attacking users on
social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace. Needless to
say, the worm has been improved. "Koobface" Worm Attacks Facebook,
MySpace and Other Social Networking Sites

This new and improved version of Koobface is seen as an invitation
from a friend of the account owner. It invites you to click on a link
and view a video on a counterfeit YouTube site. Everything may look
alright to the average user. The video even has fake comments and
video responses.

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However, when you try to watch the video, a pop-up
states that you need to install Adobe Flash plug-in to view it. When
users attempt to download the fake plug-in, they really download a
Trojan horse program that gives the Koobface creator(s) control over
the computer. The worm then takes over your social networking account,
sending the same message to your own friends. According to The
Washington Post, other networks currently seeing evidence of the
Koobface worm are hi5.com, friendster.com, myyearbook.com, bebo.com
and livejournal.com. Engineers at Trendmicro.com have seen the worm at
tagged.com, netlog.com and fubar.com.

The new worm is clever and knows how to pull in the tiny details
necessary to fool someone into thinking it is the real deal. The
YouTube video, besides having comments and responses, even lists the
author as the friend who sent you the message. The worm even pulls the
friend's picture from the social networking site. The original
Koobface worm had two variants and was first discovered last July by
secure content developer, Kaspersky Lab. These worms,
Win32.Koobface.a. and Win32.Koobface.b, attacked MySpace and Facebook
respectively and operated in the same way as this newer strain.

How do you keep the worms out of your computer? Don't invite them in
in the first place. Basic Internet awareness and keeping your
computer's antivirus updated and running every day is enough to keep
you safe. Facebook's Security page offers several helpful hints in
response to the Koobface infections and for everyday use: Never Click
Suspicious Links: They could be unknowingly sent from your friends if
they are infected with viruses or malware. Never run any ".exe" files
without first investigating what they are. Do your research. Keep your
browser updated.
"Koobface" Worm Attacks Facebook, MySpace and Other Social Networking Sites.

Have a Unique, Strong Password: Use different passwords for all your
accounts and ensure that they will be hard to guess by using a variety
of numbers, letters and punctuation marks. Run Anti-Virus Software:
Make sure you have some sort of software and run a scan every day.
This will keep you on your game and your computer safe.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Learning About SEO, SEM, PPC


If you work within the web world, it all just makes sense.

We all know what SEO is, what SEM is, what PPC is, how search engines
work, and how it all relates to building websites and performing well
in the web world.

But for the everyday Internet user, these are likely not things that
you think about on an everyday basis. Or you may have just heard these
terms for the first time and wondered what it all meant. Believe it or
not, simply understanding the basics I am describing here  may help
you become a more proficient Internet user as a whole; and if
performed properly, the SEO tactics that follow should help you
improve the amount of traffic that comes to your website naturally
(i.e. at no cost to you).

For starters, let me define these three key acronyms:

SEM - Search Engine Marketing
PPC - Pay-Per-Click
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

What is SEM?

Let me begin with Search Engine Marketing, as this term is very broad
and fairly simple to explain. Anyone who utilizes search engines to
market their website is doing Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. This
includes Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization, as well as
other techniques, such as Social Networking or link building.

What about PPC?

The most common term associated with SEM is Pay Per Click, or PPC. PPC
is the act of just what it sounds - paying for clicks. This is done
via search engines such as Google or Yahoo, as well as others such as
MSN or Ask.com. Any company that performs PPC does so by placing bids
on keywords through one or more of these search engines.


They then pay
each time that ad is clicked on (but not until it is clicked on). This
can be as simple as setting a bid price on a few of the terms most
closely associated with your website, or as complicated as bidding on
thousands of keywords and keyword groups that research has proven to
be commonly used by users who are interested in a website such as

When you perform a search within any search engine - lets say Google
for the sake of simplicity - you get two types of results: paid search
results and organic search results. Lets pretend I was interested in
purchasing a copy of "The Tao of Pooh" online. I go to Google and I
search "Tao of Pooh". This takes me to a results page that Google has
populated for me. At the top of the page, I will likely see a few
links with a yellow background (and if you look closely, you will
notice a label at the top of this area that says "Sponsored Links").
There are also likely a handful of links on the right side of the
screen (also with a subtle "Sponsored links" label at the top). These
are paid search results and are, as you would guess, the product of
PPC. All other results are called organic, or natural, results. So now
we know where paid search ads come from and have a vague idea of how
Google and others decide to put them there.

What about the rest of these other organic results, right? Well that's
where SEO comes in.

So then what is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the act of optimizing a website
such that search engines "like" your site. Unfortunately SEO is no
simple science, but that is the beauty of it. Search engines have what
are called search algorithms, or extremely complex rating systems,
that have the power to decide how relevant your site is to any given
keyword search based on a variety of factors. Where PPC is driven by
the amount that is being bid on a keyword, SEO is being driven by how
relevant your website is to the given search term(s). Sounds scary,
but the wonderful thing is, the better their algorithm, the more
likely you are to end up landing on a website that is exactly what you
were looking for.

How do Search Engines Work?

When a search is performed, the search engine sends its "spiders" out
to crawl every website on the Internet. Then, using their search
algorithm, they are able to rate which of those sites is most relevant
to the given search term(s) and return those results to you in order
or their rated relevance. Although few people know exactly everything
that is on that algorithms ever-changing mind, there are a number of
factors in a websites content, design and structure that are given a
great deal of importance. Relevancy is key - the more relevant a site
is to a given search term or group of search terms, the more likely
your site is to appear organically. But how do you prove that your
site is more relevant than another site, when there are so many other
sites out there?

More Specifically, how do I Effectively Perform SEO?
Aha, so now you want to know the key? Well again, there is no perfect
science to it, but here is what I have gathered over time as the most
important aspects of SEO that should help you focus your to improve
your site's organic search results:

The keywords that are used within your site should be relevant to your
sites content and should be chosen such that any user who is
interested in your product or service would likely be searching using
terms that are contained within your site content. Make sure that the
most prominent keywords make up 3-5% of your site content.

Links - inbound as well as internal:
Search engines view inbound links as important because it shows that
sites other than your own have some interest in your site and
therefore gives your site legitimacy and relevance. Links within your
site that link to other pages within the site are also considered
important, as it shows your site is organized in a way that improves
the user's experience. Pages on your site that have nothing linking to
them are not going to help your site out in any way.

Site history:
Although this is not something you can change on the fly, it is true
that if your site has existed for some time, you are going to have a
better time at coming up higher in search results.

Original content:
If you are using content that exists elsewhere, your site will be
punished for it. I recommend always having original content on your
site - even if it is only subtly different.

Meta tags:
These are just keywords and descriptions that live within the code of
you site that tell search engines what your main keywords are and
provide a description of your site. If these are omitted, you are
missing out on a great chance to tell the search engine a lot about
your site and are likely going to be dinged pretty good by the search

Site code and structure:
There are many ways that sites can be coded to be more cleanly and
more ideal for search engines. If you have the opportunity, have
someone look at your site's code to ensure that you do not have excess
code, that you are tagging all of your images and other elements
appropriately, and especially if your site is flash-based, that your
site has html files associated with those flash files so that there is
text for the search engines to read.

The list could go on, but lets not go overboard and overwhelm
ourselves - this is a great starting off point and will have you busy
for some time.

I hope that this guide gave you a good intro into the wonderful world
of online marketing and all that it entails! Feel free to let me know
if you would like to learn more about any of this and I will certainly
be happy to take it a step farther. Happy searching!

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

10 best practices for online sales pages

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If you run an online business and you depend on search engine traffic you need to utilize the following Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 10 best practices for online sales pages. Even if you don't currently use Google Adwords paid advertising, the following useful tips will help you beat out 99% of your online competition in regard to Google specific search engine optimization for online sales pages.
Before we jump right into the 10 best practices, let me take a moment and briefly describe if you don't already know, how a typical person happens to come across your website.
Typically speaking, someone will usually find a website via the many search engines on the Internet; the two best examples in the U.S. are probably Google.com and Yahoo.com in that order.
So the process goes something like this:
A person has a specific problem to solve or they are researching a particular topic. An example would be a problem with acne. Imagine if you will, a person with an acne problem going to Google.com and typing in something along the lines of "how to solve severe facial acne".
In the above scenario, a person with a specific problem they are trying to solve has typed in a question into a search engine. They didn't type in JohnSmith'sWebsite.com or JohnSmith'sBestAcneProduct.com, they typed in a question to a problem they have and they are looking for specific answers as a result of their search. Understanding this flow is a critical online success factor. Now, back to our Search Engine Optimization Best Practices;
What you have to understand distinctly is that the above scenario is based specifically around a few "key words" or more accurately, a "key phrase"; "how to solve severe facial acne"
Your typical mom and pop Internet store owner tends to think advertising on the Internet via Google Adwords or simple search engine marketing is the same or similar to any other form of advertising like local phone book ads, classified ads, radio or even TV ads for that matter. You just mention your company name, products, address and phone number and wait for the people to walk through your virtual door.
Unfortunately, online advertising is nothing like the above unless your Nike or CNBC and have ad budgets in the $ millions. I wish I would have coined this; and I don't remember who did... but you have to think of online marketing as "Phrase Marketing".
What do I mean by that?
Well, you have to put yourself in your customer's place and imagine what you would type into a search engine if you were trying to find the products you sell. You also have to do this in the above context of what problems do your products solve. Learn how to use that second point effectively and your sales will shoot through the moon. By doing the above, you can effectively begin to envision how to optimize your sales pages and your online business.
So in the context of all the above, here are 10 deadly effective and simple ways to beat 99% of your competition in "Phrase Marketing" or Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimization.
1. Include your most important keywords in the title tag of your sales page. A little bit of "techiness" - this just means put your key phrase in between your "title tags" on your online sales page. Any basic web editor like MS Frontpage will allow you to do this easily.
2. Include a few key word relevant sentences at the very top of your product sales page. If your product is an acne product; just place a few key sentences at the top of your page and include the relevant words of acne and any supporting key words in those sentences. Make the sentences key-word-rich.
3. Make your h1, h2, and h3 tags keyword relevant similar to point number 2 above. Really, this just means in the important sections of your sales page, include that key phrase in any headline formatting tags like "h1", "h2", or "h3".
4. Include a bold headline which includes your key phrase in it under your key sentences above. For the non-techies, using an "HTML tag" as your headline is one way search engines pick up that you want to emphasize this line as important on your web page. It's just a visual formatting tag like using "bold" in MS Word.
5. Don't use any window pop-ups. This is an absolute no-no with Google Adwords. Just don't do it - enough said.
6. Always include a contact us page link with your name, email, phone number, and physical address. Again, common sense, but lots of people forget it. Make it easy for customers to contact you and put that link in a conspicuous place on your sales page.
7. Include outbound links with your keywords as the anchor text. This is great for Google cross linking relevance. If you have online articles you've written or a blog, place links to some of those articles on your sales page and cross link between the pages.
8. Always include a privacy policy at the bottom of your pages. In today's world, that should go without saying, but it also carries weight with Google and Google may tend to treat your website a little better than a similar site without a privacy policy link in plain view.
9. Name irrelevant pictures a generic name or number. What I mean by this is; for the above example, if you have a picture on your sales page, don't name that picture something like "acne_solutions.jpg". Just name the picture "salespageimage1.jpg" instead. Google may place that image inside of "Google Images" after your webpage gets indexed and if you name it "acne_solutions.jpg" but it has nothing to do with real acne solutions, then people aren't going to click on it. This may end up decreasing your overall site relevance within Google. This definitely is not what we're trying to achieve here.
10. Lastly, avoid using words like Iron Clad Guarantee, testimonial, free offer, etc. If your page is very "salesy" Google may tend to frown on that a bit. Just offer unique, honest "key-word-rich" content on your sales page and you will be ahead of 99% of your competition.
In summary, I hope the above tips help you to master the "real" way you need to market online using "Phrase Marketing".
What would you type into a search engine to find your products?
Answer that question and place those keywords strategically throughout your sales pages and you will absolutely increase your overall level of success in your online marketing efforts and will certainly increase sales.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Online jobs

If you go online and Google online jobs a myriad of possibilities appear magically before your eyes. From entry level to executive, a wide variety of online jobs are available. The best website I have found in searching for online jobs is at www.googleonlinejobs.com.
 This website has lists of legitimate online job opportunities.
The folks at google online jobs have done a marvelous job of compiling lists of online jobs in just about every imaginable category. They also have further recommended websites to search for online jobs. The nice thing about looking for online jobs with google online jobs is that this is a reputable company. You won't have to worry about scam jobs or rip offs that seem like jobs but are not.
We have all gotten those e-mails advertising Google online jobs and clicked on the website, only to find that these people are not affiliated with Google, or any other reputable company in any way. They have used the reputation of Google to draw in consumers looking for online jobs. Their e-mails make it look like you would be working for Google.
If one sends for the information offered by these Google online jobs scam artists, they would have to pay dearly for job lists which may or may not be legitimate offers. This is probably just a new twist on the old mail order scam. In this old scam people paid for information on how to make money through the mail and received information on how to scam others with the same ad they answered.
It is best to ignore any e-mails received on the subject of Google online jobs. In fact, don't answer or click on any unsolicited e-mail you receive. This is just asking for viruses and scam artists to just step right through the open door. It is much better to go to legitimate companies such as Google to look for online jobs.
There are many opportunities for legitimate online jobs. Some companies offer work at home opportunities. There are other reputable websites for job hunting, but I find that Google has the best listings. The jobs listed on Google are not necessarily with Google but they don't charge you a dime to check them out.
If you are genuinely interested in online jobs, go right to the best source. Google online jobs has jobs listed by industry, job fairs, work at home opportunities, seasonal and worldwide jobs and more. Whatever type of online jobs you're interested in, they can be found at google online jobs. They won't mislead or misrepresent. The job of your dreams is just a click away.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sexy Networking?

I don't care what business you're in, networking is an important part of your daily business practices. If it's not it should be. You never know who you will run into on a day-to-day basis. Casual conversations in this day and age usually circle back around to what you do for a living. Be prepared when that happens.

1. The Pitch

Memorize a 1-2 minute pitch about yourself and your business. Keep it short and sweet, no one wants an earful right out of the gate. You can always elaborate more as the conversation continues but at first your intent should be to hook the listener. Have a strong pitch, an attention grabber, something that sums up your skills and services in a neat little package and gets your perspective client thinking "I'm intrigued. Tell me more."

2. Identity

I can't stress this enough. I've seen it time and time again. Someone gets to talking to someone who is interested in their line of work, they ask: "Do you have a business card?" and the response is "No, let me write my information onto this cocktail napkin instead."

You're not trying to pick up your client for a date are you? (If you are that's an entirely different topic). Point is, napkins get torn, lost, or just plain ignored and thrown out with the rest of the pocket/purse trash. The proper response is to present a card that is much like your pitch. To the point, not too flashy, not bogged down with info, but eye catching and informative enough that the next time that person comes across your card they paus to look it over - and hopefully call you.

For those in the entertainment business - models and actors - you should already know that a zed card is your business card. People want to remember your face if they're thinking about booking you fora job. Don't confuse zed cards with headshots. Carrying around stacks of 8x10s isn't always that conducive. Zed cards are the mini equivalent and they also showcase images of your previous work on the back for models, for actors a brief list of skills and accomplishments. And, of course, for business cards, zed cards, and headshots, there should be a way to contact you. A clear, legible phone number, email address, and even a website if you have one...if you don't, keep reading!

3. Website/Internet

People are visual beasts. Most of them like to research their prospects - the way they do it: Internet, websites, GOOGLE! Yknow, those popular buzz words you always hear? Well they mean something. A presence on The Net can land you clients just as sure as walking up and talking to them face-to-face. It's importantto be visual any way you can. Take advantage of the different avenues available to you. And don't forget the first tool you have at your disposal - your mouth.

Case in point: I was recently at a convention in LA. One of the speakers was a prominent actress. She was asked if she had a website and she said: "No, but I am thinking of getting one."

Now a brief intro to myself: I design websites, so upon hearing her interest in getting one made I stood from my seat, walked up to the stage where she was speaking, handed her my business card that detailed the fact that I do web design, and I also used my mouth tool to tell her that I was a web designer and I would be happy to assist her. Low and behold the entire convention crowd applauded me. Why you ask? Well, one woman in the crowd said it best as I returned to my seat: "Wow, what great networking!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's not unusual for a big chunk of your emails to disappear before they reach your subscribers. Your email software or service likely doesn't tell you this. It can't.
The anti-spam technologies used by webmail services and others accidentally tag some legitimate emails as spam. Then they delete them or reroute them to junk folders. You'd never know, as they rarely tell the sender when this happens.

Think about the impact if just 10% of your emails go missing. How many clicks, sales or downloads would you lose? Clearly you need to know whether you have a delivery problem. But where do you even start?

Free Trial Spam Filter Environment

DELIVERY WATCH might be your answer. It's a self-service online tool which does the delivery detective work for you. You can test it out through their FREE TRIAL.

The tool runs your email through popular spam filters and reveals whether your message would get marked as spam.Delivery Watch also tells you how the top email address providers deal with your emails: do they deliver them to inboxes, put them in junk folders or delete them?

It covers all the top webmail services (like Yahoo! Mail), as well as regional providers from North America, the UK and elsewhere. The tool also checks if you're on any email blacklists and whether your deliverinfrastructure is configured properly.

Armed with all this information, you can then work on solving any problems and watch those responses rise. Start a free trial HERE.

Spam Filter - Free Trial

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Affiliate Marketing 101

It's incredible the number of people wanting to earn money online who just sign up for an affiliate marketing program and then wonder why they are not making any money. How many times do you need to h ear that there are no quick and easy ways to earn large sums of money on the internet? Sure you could sign up for one of these get paid to post forums and spend endless hours in front of your computer just to earn a measly $10 per month! I do believe that the real internet gold is in affiliate marketing.

There has been a great attraction to affiliate marketing as a way to earn money online since it was created, and this is because it is easier that selling directly or drop-shipping: with affiliate marketing you do not have to buy a product and then sell it, leaving you with a loss if you cannot sell your products; you do not have to handle products, you do not have to worry about after-sale services, you do not even have to handle the transaction between the provider and the buyer; affiliate marketing is a totally risk-free business.

The problem is that the majority of people think it is easy and it will make them rich after just a few days. Let me put you right here: I am not saying that you can't make money with affiliate marketing, I am just saying that if you join the right affiliate marketing program, if you are willing to work for your money and if you get the right advice, you can earn a handsome, steady income from it.

When I say the right affiliate marketing program, I mean that not all programs suit everyone. There are a lot of opportunities to choose from, and you must do some research before you launch yourself in your affiliate marketing venture. If you have a passion for a topic like psychology for example, you should go for a program that lets you sell books on psychology rather than a product than allows you to earn a bigger commission per item sold, but that you know little or nothing about.
Beware also of affiliate marketing programs that ask for a joining fee: there are a lot of free affiliate marketing programs out there, and I believe that a website that asks you to pay before signing up has no other design than taking its own members' money. I would be very dubious that anyone other than the website owners could make any money with these.

If you want to earn money from affiliate marketing, you do have to put in some effort. If you already own a website and get traffic to it, then your work is already cut out for you: you need to choose a product related to your website that you can write about; you can write a review praising the merits of your chosen product, place some advertisements on your website for it: the program you signed up for should provide you with a code containing your affiliate ID that will bring your website's visitors to the product's website when they click on that link, and if they decide to buy the product you will earn a commission.

If you do not have a website, you can either get one (nowadays there are tools that can easily let you set up a more than passable-looking website), set up a free blog or even a Squidoo lens on a topic you are passionate about and write reviews as I have described above. Keep in mind that you will need some time and effort to build up the necessary traffic that will allow you to make one sale; you will have to read up on SEO and traffic-building, be patient and not lose hope.

If you do not wish to choose a product to promote but still want to be an affiliate marketer with Clickbank, one of the most rewarding affiliate program online, you can get a Clickbank portal, which is a great tool: it is a free website that also comes with free hosting and that allows you to promote the 10000 products from Clickbank's marketplace; when you sign up you will automatically have your Clickbank affiliate ID inserted in the 10000 products of your portal so you don't even need to know anything about coding or websites, all you have to do is bring visitors to so that you can earn commission on whatever product they decide to buy.
One thing I strongly recommend to all would-be affiliate marketers is to write a few good quality articles about the product or products you are selling and submit those to online article directories; very few article directories allow you to include affiliate links in your articles and author's resource box but including your website's address would be very beneficial to your business, as people that may not otherwise visit your website may read your article and want to buy the product you are writing about. Writing articles and having them published in places outside your website will be a great help in earning money online from affiliate marketing as well as from your website's ordinary business: this will bring more traffic to it and this traffic will more than likely bring you buying customers for your affiliate products.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Writing Techniques

If you have website or a blog, you need to create contents that people find useful. If the content is valuable, other sites will link to your content and you will increase the number of back links to
your site. These back links will not only generate direct traffic from those sites, it will also help increase your search engine ranking and organic traffic.

So, what types of contents are baits for other sites to link to your sites? This article discusses seven types of contents that are proven to be magnets for back links. Try out a few of these techniques to increase your links and traffic.

1. Crete "How To" Guides. This type of guides is popular and also very useful to the readers Write down a few ideas related your niche and use authoritative websites to do your research.

Make it a step-by-step, preferably numbered like 1, 2, etc., guide. It should be as simple as a recipe but has enough details for some one to follow the steps to accomplish something.

2. Write controversial opinion on breaking news. Don't repeat the news. Big news organizations have hundreds of paid stuff for news reporting. You need to analyze the news and offer your own opinions. However, if the opinion is off main stream, it has better chance of attracting others attentions.

3. Videos are becoming ever popular on the web. Create a video related to your niche but make it funny. People love funny videos. You can use kids and pets to create funny video shots and than try to tie those shots to your niche. Upload to a few popular video sites like YouTube and Metacafe. Don't forget to put your website link in the video and embed the video in your website.

4. Keep a small inexpensive digital camera in you car all the time. When you come across funny things like, billboard and road signs, license plates, etc., take pictures and post it on your site and popular picture sharing sites like flickr, smugmug, etc.

5. Create a web tool related to your niche. Web tools like mortgage calculator, carbon foot print calculator, etc. are popular and useful. Ask your site visitors what type of tools they want to see on your site. Once you have the details of what the tool should do, go to elance, rent-a-coder, or online programmers and webmasters forums to solicit bids for developing the tool. You don't have to know any softwa re programming, but you have to know exactly what the tools should do.

6. Solicit ideas for contests from forums you visit regularly and start a contest on your site. Announce it in forums related to your niche. Give away free stuff at least worth $50 to the winner and token prizes to all finalists. Consider it as your advertisement spending. Run the contest for a month or so for the word to spread around. Encourage your visitors to spread the word.

7. Interview well-known personality in your niche and post the interview on your site. Write to bloggers in your niche about the interview. If the interviewee has some insightful thoughts, other bloggers will write about it and link to the original interview published in your site.

Bloggers use the seven content types described above for viral marketing and link baiting to increase traffic to their sites. If you are running a web site, not a blog, you can still employ these techniques to claim you share of the web traffic in your niche.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

web hosting companies

These days, in an all-out effort to get your business, web hosting companies offer a bewilder ing array of choices. The competition for your business is one of the factors that makes web hosting a great buy for prospective webmasters. Here are some things to consider when choosing a both web hosting company and your individual hosting plan.

Web site hosts offer an often bewildering array of features for a prospective customer to choose from. In an effort to compete with other web hosting companies, primarily the competition is in four areas:

1. Storage space
2. Data Transfer (bandwidth)
3. Extra features like scripts, extensions, statistics, etc.
4. Price for the above.

Consumers often base their web hosting purchase on just these four features. Their choice often boils down to who offers the most space, bandwidth, and features for the least amount of dollars. But well informed consumers should also consider these other factors before making any web hosting purchase.

1. Are you going to be hosting more than one domain? How many domain names are you eventually going to register? Does your plan allow for this?
2. How much space and transfer does your website really need? Most web hosts count on sites using a small portion of their plan's assets.
3. Do you really need add-ons like shopping carts, automated script installs, FrontPage extensions, and site builders?
4. Is your web host offering a Windows package when you really need Linux or vice versa?
5. Does your web host offer flexible payment plans and advertise them truthfully? Many of those "low monthly rates" apply to accounts paid ahead a year or two.
6. Is your primary purpose blogging or starting a forum? Make sure your host's PHP and MySQL are up to date and can handle the latest offerings.
7.Do you need to host large files such as audio and video without storage and bandwidth issues?
8.Do you need complete stats? Does your web hosting plan offer a stats package at no extra charge?
9. Is the control panel flexible and easy to use? CPanel and Plesk are two of the standards.
By keeping all these points in mind you, as a prospective web hosting customer, can choose a web hosting company that will meet your needs, as well as the individual web hosting plan that is most affordable for you and offers the features you really need. Educate yourself, and make the choice that makes the most sense now, as well as for any additional future hosting needs you'll require.