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Friday, March 6, 2009

Successful Home Business Without a College Degree

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Are you looking to be successful at a home business without a college degree? If anyone tells you that you have to have a college degree to be successful, they are out of their tree. I am a freelance content writer who recently branched out in to the world of freelance writing and I am successful at it.
Yes, everyone defines success differently, and I define it as being able to support ones self at their job. I work hard to be successful, I run a household on what I make at my home business, and it is not what my college degree is in.Anyone can succeed in freelance writing as a home business if they have determination, a grip on the English language and a solid internet connection. I work long hours each month to be successful and it does not stop once I write the article either.If I just wrote an article a day and said that is enough, I would fail. I write 6-8 articles a day for various web sites at least five days a week, sometimes I will write all seven days but it helps me in the end.
I am careful how I write my articles, if I write for Helium or Associated Content I make sure the articles are written with a technique called SEO, which will allow the search engines to find those articles easier.

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Without SEO, I would have to promote these articles in various places around the Internet, which is time consuming. I am successful at a home business because I utilize SEO on 95 percent of my articles. I also use automatic posting of my articles to social networking places like myspace, facebook, and twitter.
When I do not employ the SEO techniques I have learned, I notice a big difference in the visits I receive but some articles are not meant to be SEO'd. Knowing the difference of when to use the technique can help you become successful at a freelancing home business without any college degree.

I do have a college degree actually I have two. One is in liberal arts and the other is in computer information systems, but neither is definitive of my success here online at my home business. I could have succeeded at this home business by simply paying attention in school as I was learning grammar rules and such. I also increase my chances if success by reading a lot of material and surfing for new ideas with which to write my articles on.

I am successful at my home business at a freelance writer because I put much effort into it, and you have to in order to bring in the cash. There are days when I do not write much, but


I know I can easily catch up but working a bit more the next day. I know that my determination to succeed fuels me on and keeps me going even when I hit a writer's block. If you are looking to have a successful at home job without a college degree look into freelance content writing but please know it does take much work and is very dependent on you dedication.

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