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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Huge Business Empire

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I was thinking while lying on my bed the other day. Just before I went
to bed, I had a thought. A good thought. It is always a dream for me
to build a business empire - A huge business empire. Getting stuck in
Asia means there are limitations in the economy. It isn't as fantastic
as the European Union, Great Britain, the United States or even the
upcoming China. However, one thing that I'm pretty sure, the Internet
is borderless. That means doing business anywhere and anytime. Thus
this might be the best venture ever in this century.

I've missed the first wave that came during the mid and late 90's -
the first Internet wave. If I caught it, I'm sure I'll be wealthy. But
back then I didn't have a great vision - the vision of building a
business empire. 10 years later which is now, my vision finally took
off. And it all started with one website. Though nothing majestic or
something to be awed at, this is my launch pad to success. People
might laugh at me or perhaps maybe they are half true, that I might
never succeed. Oh well, I got the other half to prove them wrong. Or
at least get them half way wrong (if you get what I mean).

Before I went to bed yesterday, I had a thought. I notice that there
is a hierarchy in every community.

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You started out as a noob or newbie
and when you graduate you become a freshman and slowly a senior and
finally the boss. I consider myself as a newbie when it comes to
building an online business. Though I might be not as young 10 years
ago, I just started building something online last month. Continuous
building will graduate me to a freshman. I notice that there are
already hundreds or in fact thousands of online gurus out there. Many
of them have already set up pretty impressive websites or online
businesses. A glance at Adwords advertisements you can see a few of
them. And not only they have advertise their sites in Adwords, you can
even see similar advertisements in Yahoo! Publisher Network,
BidVertiser, AdBrite and many more. Those are the people that have the
resources to burn and those are your online gurus.

This journey might take as little as one year before I see some
reasonable and sustainable results. Compared to problogger Darren
Rowse, he took three years. Not only he has a great blog, he revealed
that he has several other websites. Another senior and self proclaimed
Internet Marketer Gobala Krishnan is also one of them. I remembered he
claimed that he has over 20 websites running concurrently online! I am
still receiving many emails from his business everyday. This is how I
learn from him, by looking at what he is doing.

Here's an illustration of the hierarchy itself.

The Boss - Does not even need to update anything on his website, he
pays other people or a blogger $200 a month to do the work for him. At
the end of the month, he gets a five to six figure income from
Adsense, affiliate programs, advertisement revenue on his website and
enjoys a monthly holiday abroad. You can find his advertisement
everywhere on Adwords, Yahoo! Publisher Network, etc. High chances you
will see his websites appearing at the top of the list when you do a
search in Yahoo! or Google. His entire websites are page ranked
between 7 to 9 and some even 10 in Google.

Senior/Gurus - Knows the ways of the force. Just started to grow
exponentially and is appearing everywhere on various advertisement
channels. Has up to 20 websites within his grasps. A steady four to
five figure income every month. Celebrated as the problogger and
worshipped by the freshman or noob. If you ask for his advice, he'll
most likely tell you that automation is the key and money is what
makes things goes round the world. Has several page ranked 5 to 7

Freshman - Starting to make money out of his website. Everything is
money on his eyes. When a noob request to exchange links most probably
you'll get this response - What's in it for me? Charges $50 a month on
his Page Rank 5 or 6 websites to noobies that wish to get their site
indexed into Yahoo! or Google. Has tons of offer by various paid to
blog sites to post articles on his web. You can find many sponsored
links in the link section. Some even decorated their sites with
advertising banners.

Noob - The babies and maybe future online business empire owner. They
just realized that money can be made online. Unfortunately more than
50% of noobs died half way in their journey. 75% didn't even get
through half the way and 90% died during the first three months. These
are the workers of an organization and have a 9 to 5 job and aren't
really committed to what ever they are doing in their lives. For those
aspiring noobies, you can find them posting messages in forums
requesting for link exchange, always checking out other people's blog
for online opportunities but generally this group of lads are good and
friendly people. Has a page rank of 0 to 4 website.

So which are you? Start aiming high today!