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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Webhostingpad.com - Hot hot

If price matters to you, then consider Webhostingpad.com. It provides lots of disk space and bandwidth, along with support for unlimited domains for only $3.96/month. Save even more by using the coupon code "savenow" while making your purchase. This takes another $25 off the already low price, giving you an effective cost of $2.92 per month over the two year period ($70.04 total).

The popular Power plan
comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, and the ability to host unlimited domains on one account. This means you will have plenty of resources to grow your online enterprise. There are also lots of additional features including a free domain name, anti-virus and spam protection, a site builder with over 100 unique designs, free search engine marketing credits to increase your website's visibility, and much more. All of this is backed by a 30-day guarantee.

In addition to features, Webhostingpad provides 24x7 customer service by phone, e-mail and through an online support center. Here, you can submit help requests to a responsive ticket system, or help yourself to in-depth articles such as "How to restore a database from cPanel." Each plan comes with the added assurance of a 99.9% network uptime guarantee so that your website is accessible to visitors all the time.

Click Webhostingpad

Webhostingpad.com offers tons of space, bandwidth and features at a great price, and backs it up with friendly customer service and a money-back guarantee. Whether you're managing a heavily-trafficked social networking site, own a group of marketing sites, or just find peace of mind in having plenty of room to grow, Webhostingpad.com is an excellent choice.

In addition to disk space, many web hosting companies are also offering unlimited bandwidth. Again, no web host can provide infinite bandwidth each month, but Webhostingpad.com easily supports the typical website that uses 10 gigabytes or less. If your site has very high traffic (several million page views per month) or is very image intensive, consider a dedicated or VPS hosting plan.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am, by no means, a computer geek. So when my boss asked my to build her a quickie website one afternoon, I immediately went into panic mode! Luckily, for me, we discovered an internet company called Godaddy.com that specializes in, among other things, website design. In fact, they have a product called Website Tonight that basically prompts you to design your very own site and have it up and running within a matter of hours!Well this all sounded great on paper, but I was still a bit skeptical. Even my boss was a tad leery of Website Tonight's promises. However, for the minimal costs involved we decided to go for it and Godaddy.com did not disappoint.

The Website Tonight product features three price levels. The Economy package offers five website pages and is priced at just $4.49 for an entire year. The Deluxe plan includes 10 pages and costs only $8.00 for the year and the Premium package provides unlimited pages at just $11.69 per year. We opted for the Economy deal for our first attempt with the option to upgrade at a later time provided we are satisfied with the service. Buy, hey for $4.49 a year, even if we aren't satisfied we figure we'll just chalk it up to experience.Once the product is purchased, you immediately have access to a few hundred website templates. There are pre-built sites and blank sites to choose from. If you are really adventurous and plan on importing lots of pictures and graphics, the blank templates work great. If you're a novice, like me, the pre-designed sites are the way to go.

Godaddy.com displays site samples related to many types of businesses and allows you to choose from several background colors. If your specific business is represented in the options you can literally just drop in your information and you're good to go! But for a more customized page you can delete the specific graphics on a desired template and simply replace them with your own, while retaining the color and format of the chosen format. Next, you can delete the sample's print and add in your very own text. You can also specify how many pages you want your website to contain. This amount is based upon your purchased package. The Website Tonight program from Godaddy.com easily walks you through the development of additional pages like: contact, services, about us, testimonials, etc. Simply add in your t ext and move on. The system allows you to import a certain amount of pictures, logos and graphics with just the click of a button. And when your finished spellchecking, another click of a button launches your brand new website. The whole process of Website Tonight on Godaddy.com, from start to finish, took me around three hours. Not bad for a beginner! And now that I've experienced Website Tonight, if I had to do it again, I know my site would be bigger and better!

Godaddy.com offers a plethora of other internet based services like domain names, web hosting and more. They will even custom design a website for you costing around $1000 per year. For more information on Website Tonight and other web related products, log onto www.godaddy.com.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Extra income

Everyone could use a bit of extra income, and there are some excellent opportunities available online - if you know where too look. Before I started earning money with freelance writing online I spent several months doing research and learning which systems would work best for me. Now I successfully earn a part-time income from working online, and know that it is possible even though the Internet is filled with scams and opportunities that promise hundreds and only pay pennies or nothing at all. So how do you earn money online and never have to spend a dime?

Associated Content

Associated Content has been the best freelance writing opportunity for me since I started working part-time from home. They offer the best of both worlds - upfront payments and PPC (pay per click) opportunities. On average you can earn between $3 to $5 per article, but this can vary based on the quality of the article. Once you have written for a period of time, and proven you can write quality articles some higher paying opportunities can become available. Also, because of the upfront payment system, you can earn money freelance writing immediately rather than having to wait for your PPC earnings (also called passive income) to build up.


Originally Helium offered PPC opportunities only, but recently that has changed - in fact they have made a number of changes that have improved the quality of the site. They now offer upfront payments in addition to PPC, but the upfront payments are not nearly as lucrative as Associated Content. Upfront payments start at 50 cents and can go as high as $2.50, based on the number of articles and writing starts you have. Also, they hold contests and have a marketplace looking for specific freelance articles giving you a chance to earn more per article. It takes a bit of effort to earn money on Helium compared to other sites, but once you start and gain a bit of momentum it can be a worthwhile opportunity. And like Associated Content, your earnings are immediate making it easy to reach their minimum payout of $25.

When I started with eHow I was a bit skeptical on how much you could earn on advertising PPC only, especially if you only have a few articles. On average a how-to article will earn between $1 to $5 a month, with some earning nothin g and others exceeding the average. This is another site where it takes some time to earn income - because you are earning a passive income rather than getting upfront payments. However, this does have an advantage. Passive income will earn you income without any additional work - and will continue to earn income from month to month. So ever though you may not see a large monetary reward immediately, after a few months of effort your hard work will pay off.


Allows you to determine if you want to earn income for posting articles or "hubs." Hubpages lets you choose to earn with Adsense, Amazon, Ebay, and other options. Similar to eHow, it will take some time for your hubs to gain momentum - the best rule of thumb to follow is the more hubs, and the higher the quality, the better. Once you have some hubs going, average earnings can be from $20 to $50 a month. Some do earn more but the highest earners have hundreds of hubs written, and write high quality hubs - it is possible to earn a lot of money with this site with the best earning $1000 or more a month. However it will take a longer time for your efforts to show in your account, but if you are willing to work hard your efforts will show.


Gives a take on freelance writing by paying you to start a blog, and as most bloggers know if you start a blog yourself it can take months to earn your first dollar. Today pay you $1 per 100 word post (you are allowed only one paid post a day) with the opportunity to earn more, once they evaluate your blog each month. Now, $1 per post doesn't seem like much but if you write one post a day you will earn your $50 payout in 2 months, and they work on a PPC system as well. And if you write quality posts and get a pay increase in a month then it may take less than 2 months to earn your payout. It is a slower way to earn income, but compared to writing for other freelance writing sites which require a minimum of a 400 word post or article, your writing time will be significantly less.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How Do I Get One Million Page Views?

"I want one million hits per day on my website!"

"How do I get them?"

"Can i get one million hits per day for free?"

"Can I Google or Yahoo my way to one million hits per day?"

Does this sound familiar? Have you asked this question? Of coarse you have or you wouldn't be looking at this article right now!

There are many ways in which you can grab yourself one million page hits. choosing the right method is another story. I have found that unless you put in the right amount of time and effort, then you can write off your chances of hitting one million per day all together. I mean for a lot of people one million in one year is hard.

One thing you must have got yourself clued up on is keywords. These are almost as important as chocolate in a chocolate bar. You will now ask yourself a question... What are the correct keywords to use? Well I'll get to them shortly!

The next thing you are likely to run into is SEO.

What is SEO?

I found that answering this question can get very complex. So this brief run down of the answer I found on About.com is put in as simple wording as possible, so we all can understand... SEO!

SEO is the process and practice of optimizing your website so that it ranks well on search engine results pages (or SERPs). When someone types a word or phrase into search engines (like Google) looking for your product, you want to appear on the first or second page of the search results.

It's intellectually interesting to know that there are 917,846,342 different websites that are relevant to the search query, but really, if your website doesn't appear in the first 10 pages (or first 100 results), it's invisible to the world.

So by now you should be pretty clued up as to what SEO is!

Now back to Keywords.

What are keywords?
Keywords are an art themselves. You can look then up to your hearts content, but you will always find yourself thinking, are they the right words to use. The thing is with keywords that is important, is relevance. Are they relevant to the article, blog, product, website you are trying to get out to the masses. Keywords are usually what you use when you are trying to direct traffic (people who surf the internet) to your website, page, whatever it may be.

You can find lists of keywords when you search for them. But you have to know how to use them, for them to be effective. For instance if you are advertising a popular vacation in Jamaica, it would not be beneficial to you if you just put in the words... Jamaica, vacation, good time.

You would need to make your keywords stand out and be more broad on your subject. Remember different countries may use different search terms, like in England people hardly use the word vacation. They usually say go on holiday! (I know that was helpful.) Maybe include a very brief searchable sentence. Such as: Visiting Jamaica for a vacation, Caribbean, destinations, flights, holidays, short stay vacation vacations, dream holiday, sun, surf, hot temperatures. The list can go on. But be careful because you can over do keywords.

A trick I have found to be useful, is to keep tabs on your website. Useful tools such as Google Webmaster can help. You can keep an eye on hits to your webpages or websites. Chop and change keyword density and keywords until you find which keywords work. Use this tool from Google Adwords .

Keywords as Google portray them are:

The keywords for your Custom Search Engine should describe your search engine's content or subject matter. Google uses this information to tune your search results to ensure they are as relevant as possible and to promote the most relevant pages for your search engine. Good keywords are words and short phrases that describe any of the following:

The topic of your search engine.

Tthe content of the pages you want promoted.

Simple in a nutshell... yes?

Once you have fine tuned the art of SEO and keywords you will be well on your way. It won't happen over night, and you will have to put a lot of work in.

Can I get 1 milliion hits for free?
If you discount your own time, then the answer is yes. There are many ways to get one million hits to your website. You can try banner swapping, submitting your site to various search engines, handing out your website url, posting on social sites. (Be wary of spam laws on some sites) You can join si tes that will offer advertising trades. E.g. They will give you generate some traffic to your site for advert space on your pages. Which is similar to banner swapping.

Lets not beat around the bush here. If you have the right blog, article, bla bla bla, which people are interested in. Then they will find their way to your page, product etc. You have a lot of competition out there, so unless you have a one off niche market. Then you are going to have your work cut out.

Don't be put off if you are not getting anywhere fast. Unless you are really lucky, then it is going to take time. Remember Rome was not built in a day! Would you have bought your car if you had not seen it advertised or heard about it? Would you buy a 'Trident MVR22 5 liter Sports Coupe' if I was offering it you at a mark down price of $3000? Of course not, you have never heard of it, never seen one. Not only that I just made it up, but you get my drift...

I wish you luck... I hope I helped you a little... Just remember... Put in the work, time, effort, and don't be put off with slight pitfalls. Then hopefully you will get your million page views per day.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Web Promo

skonlinesolutions is a Seo and SEM Services Company providing Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing solutions to commercial clients global. Our office headquartered At Delhi in India, produces a complete and higher technology solutions in the Field Of Search Engine Industry. SkonlineSolutions is intentionally focused on detailed and strong understanding of a client's business and their Requirements related to SEO and SEM. SkonlineSolutions 's growth's Key factors are advanced technology, reliable offshore services, low-cost pricing structure, customer friendly support -team and timely delivery of services. SkonlineSolutions believes in sound business knowledge with foremost technology to deliver value to our customers and partners on a long term basis.
Our services are centered in serving clients outsource a considerable amount of their labor-intensive, Internet Marketing or any type of Web Promotion
work. No need to mention our capability as we can handle a very heavy workload with the help of our Professional and Expert Team. The company has its own Web Development as well as Internet Marketing Solutions.Our professional team gives our clients complete web solutions.we deals in the following areas of seo.
SEO is the process of increasing popularity of your website and visibility on search engine result pages. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of designing and indexing a website specifically for the major search engines with the aim of getting the highest possible rankings for the selected keywords or key phrases. This means making your site rank high on search engine result pages for competitive keywords and search terms that visitor use when searching for the products and services you are offering on your site. Without top listings, your website has little chance of gaining search engine traffic. With our affordable seo services your website must rank higher on search engines using our latest seo techniques. If you are looking for a affordable seo company for higher search engines ranking and better conversion rate then you are on the right place.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Joint Venture?

Jason Potash is willing to take a gamble that you can learn his strategies and become an online success story almost overnight. He welcomes the skeptics to come to him and watch him at work. His novel approaches are easily understood and can be used by online business novices with complete success. He is known as the Internet Joint Venture King. He has developed the Pick Their Brains marketing hints sessions, for more details visit to www.joint-venture-guide.com where some of the top marketing gurus online today willingly share knowledge with the younger up and comers. Jason Potash has also developed the software program that is known as the Article announcer which sends your articles all over the web at one time so you are able to target thousands at one time. He believes that time itself will be the ultimate deciding factor in who will land at the top of the heap.

Jason is one of the younger web wizards and what he has been able to do is innovatively remarket all of the information centers of marketing in a new way so that it can be in an interactive venue for anyone with an interest in business and marketing. You can find all types of topics online through the Pick Their Brains site and these will include all of the top joint ventures and business opportunities that are being offered on the net His newest software program that helps make submitting articles to Ezines so much easier can submit this to almost 1000 sites with one click.

The program also includes a way of being able to automatically create personalized mailings and communication to the owners of these same directory sites. As most people may know, it does take a long time to do many submissions and Ezines is one of the best places to get your articles up and published. The faster you can get your articles or other information submitted the more potential you have for creating the visibility and streams of income that will link you to success. More and more people are doing submissions to every site possible and some of these are still being created by hand which does put you at a disadvantage. With Jason Potash and his creative software the ability for more details visit to www.jointwebventures.com to target this broad market at one time will keep more of your articles in play and will get them out there in a quick enough time frame that they can become even more powerful forms of advertising .

An interested person can also find help in marketing design and set up by using some of the services that he has set up at his Web Copy Makeover site. This site is aimed at helping individuals look at what went wrong in a website design and how to correct it to set up a stronger and more marketable business site. The value of a venue like this can not be overstated.


So you have designed your own unique website now! What's the next step? How are you going to attract visitors to your website? There has to be some way to shout out to the online world that you exist, otherwise people will never know that you exists, without this there is no possibility that you wil l be able to sell your products effectively. So this is where the SEO comes in to action to make your website more noticeable and attract visitors regularly. I will provide you with some small guidelines which will help you to bring some quality and targeted visitors to your website.

Quality Content:

Always remember that content is the king, so it is very essential that your website holds quality and also unique content. Search engines such as Google, yahoo etc, like websites with unique content and crawl on those websites and index them in to their database. It is necessary that the content should match the product you are going to sell otherwise the visitors won't be interested in your website. It is also very essential that you choose right keywords for the product you are selling if you are selling home theatre for example you can include key words like speakers, woofers, amplifiers etc. be careful not to use these keywords very often otherwise search engines will make up that your website has lots of spam and this will result in low rank in search results.

Link building:

When you create and receive links from other websites make sure you make use of important keywords in anchor links, If you are selling home theatre use keywords like Buy Home Theatre instead of just using click here.

Targeting your audience:

Find out your potential visitors and exchange links on websites where you potential customers visit often, forums and message boards related to your niche for example. Make sure not to spam your website as this will be noted down by crawlers and which will result in getting your url in blacklist. Make sure to promote your website offline too like advertising in local journals, distributing pamphlets on busy streets and spots, through word of mouth etc..

Add Site Map To Your Websites:

Add a site map to your website when you want search engines to crawl your entire website, best thing to ensure that is to add a site map to your website.

Make sure Search bots Can Read your Text:

Make a note that search bots are able to read your text, no matter how beautiful your flash animated pages are search bots can only read plain text and also same is the case with java script.

Don't Use Frames:

Don't ever use frames to design your websites as there are many search engines which just simply ignore the web pages with frames as they are little difficult to distinguish between each other by visitors. Take for example your frame consist of menus.html and contents.html and your visitor lands on contents.html he would not come across a menu through which he can navigate your website further.

Don't Spam:

Make sure to stay away from bad quality websites and don't be tempted to leave your links on abandoned forums, guest books etc and don't spam your links on all the websites you find. Make sure not to exchange links with spammy websites Google will mark your website as spammy one and will block your pages from getting in to search results which will be a disaster.