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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's not unusual for a big chunk of your emails to disappear before they reach your subscribers. Your email software or service likely doesn't tell you this. It can't.
The anti-spam technologies used by webmail services and others accidentally tag some legitimate emails as spam. Then they delete them or reroute them to junk folders. You'd never know, as they rarely tell the sender when this happens.

Think about the impact if just 10% of your emails go missing. How many clicks, sales or downloads would you lose? Clearly you need to know whether you have a delivery problem. But where do you even start?

Free Trial Spam Filter Environment

DELIVERY WATCH might be your answer. It's a self-service online tool which does the delivery detective work for you. You can test it out through their FREE TRIAL.

The tool runs your email through popular spam filters and reveals whether your message would get marked as spam.Delivery Watch also tells you how the top email address providers deal with your emails: do they deliver them to inboxes, put them in junk folders or delete them?

It covers all the top webmail services (like Yahoo! Mail), as well as regional providers from North America, the UK and elsewhere. The tool also checks if you're on any email blacklists and whether your deliverinfrastructure is configured properly.

Armed with all this information, you can then work on solving any problems and watch those responses rise. Start a free trial HERE.

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