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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good SEO

SEO is a crucial part in building up your business/personal website as
traffic is one of the major factor in a website's success. In this
article, I'll talk about 3 very easy steps you can take to increase
your website ranking and preventing your site from being penalized.

1) Changing the title tag

"The page is one of the most important factors in ranking highly in
search engines.

Page elements are usually 60-80 characters. This title appears in most
search engine results pages (these are often called SERPS) as a link
to your page.

Make sure your element is relevant to the content of the page. The
element should accurately describe the overall content of each page,
while attracting the user to want to click on them when they see it in
the search engine results page.

2) The Meta description tag

The meta description tag usually consists of 25 to 30 words or less
using no more than 160 to 180 total characters. META description also
appears in many search engine results as a summary of your website.

Directories such as Yahoo! and dmoz show the page title/description you entered

Make sure your meta description tag is relevant to the content of the page.

3) The robots Meta tag

The Robots META tag is designed to provide users who can not create a
robots.txt file on its Web site, with one last chance to keep their
content from search engine indexes and services.

The 3 methods above are very crucial to good SEO ranking, and yet very
easy to implement onto your websites. Be sure to create unique title
tags for each of your pages, describing your site with meaningful meta
description tags, and finally prevent any files that don't want to be
indexed with the robots meta tag.

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