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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Increase Traffic

Bloggers often look for ways to increase traffic to their blogs and to improve their page ranks with search engines. Here are some tips to increase traffic and improve page rank of your blog, and that too without any investments:

Free Classified Ads:

There are many sites like kijiji, rediff, usfreeads, etc. which provide you the facility to create and display ads for free on their site. You need to simply log in to their site, choose a category that your ad would fit in, create an exciting and appealing ad and display it on the site. You get benefited in terms of more and more incoming traffic to your blog.

Submit Your Blog To Directories:

You can submit your site to free blog directories and open source directories like blogflux, blog explosion, dmoz etc. These directories could become a very powerful platform to exhibit your blog. When you list your blog on these directories you get increased traffic with a backlink to your blog resulting in increasing votes for your blog, which would in turn help to improve your page rank.

Submit Your Blog To Social Bookmarking Sites:

Submitting your blog to social bookmarking sites like dig, delicious, etc., is another powerful tool to increase traffic to your blog. These bookmarking sites are sort of online communities of people sharing common interests. When you become part of these bookmarking sites, people in the communities come to know about your site and if they like your content they may also bookmark the site hence displaying the popularity of your blog. Search engines like Google love these bookmarking sites and your blog stands chances to reach a wider audience in search engine results.

Article Marketing:

You can write effective articles, relating to the content and theme of your site, and put the same on article ezines like ezinearticles, freesticky, associated content, etc. Submitting articles to these sites establishes you as an authority on the topic and adds to your credibility. Apart from this, your article, including a link to your site, is displayed to the audience. Your article stands a chance to be picked by a webmaster in order to include the same on their site, without making any changes in the article. This provides an opportunity for your article to attract more visitors from their site and also gets you a backlink from that site.


You can use the Z-list to increase traffic to your site. Z-list has a viral effect. This concept was introduced by Mack Collier, who started Z-list as a meme. The concept is simple, you put the Z-list (which a list of links for blogs) on your site. When somebody else copies the list from your site, including link to your blog, and puts on his / her site, you get a backlink and also chance to get increased traffic.

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