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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Target Free Blog

What are Keywords

Keywords are words or word phrases that people use in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, to find what they are looking for on the Internet. Popular keywords are the words and phrases people are most searching for. Popular keywords are most valuable to you as a marketer, because they already have gravity you can harness by using them at your own site.

Targeting Your Blog and Content with Keywords

Targeting your free blogs with popular keyword and keyword phrase dense content begins, if possible, by using the primary keyword that most closely matches the main theme of your blog in the sub domain name or URL for your blog. Sub domain Ex: marketing.blogspot.com. URL Ex: blogspot.com/marketing.

Next build a large list of very popular keywords related to the main theme of your blog. As much as possible when you write new entries try to include these popular keywords and keyword phrases. Because people will already be naturally searching for these popular keywords and keyword phrases, you'll have a better chance of them landing at your blog or a page on your blog (once the pages have been indexed at a given search engine).

Finding Popular Keywords Made Easy

Google offers a groovy and free keywords tool found at: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal. With this tool you can search and easily create large lists of "google popular" keywords. Simply put in one or more keywords or keyword phrases (one per line), uncheck "use synonyms", change the drop-down option to "search volume trends," fill-in the human code, then click the button marked "get more keywords." The results will give you a list of similar keywords and keyword phrases (up to 200), that can be sorted in many ways. You can then select any or all of these keywords and keyword phrases and easily save them to your local hard drive with just a few simple clicks. The Google keyword tool is by far my favorite tool to create great targeted keyword and keyword phrase lists.
Another popular free keyword tool is Digitalpoint's free keyword suggestion tool found at: http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/suggestion/. With this tool you can quickly search on a single keyword or keyword phrase and get suggested results from both wordtracker and overture that includes daily search values. Simply put in your keyword or keyword phrase, select your nation (US default), click on the "suggest" button. You may get prompted on the following page for a human code, just fill it in and click the "suggest" button again to get your results. To save these results you have to do it manually with copy and paste to a text or document file. 

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