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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Affliate Marketing

There are total of four main things a Blue Ocean Affiliate should keep in mind:

1)Eliminate the products and serviceswhich your target market do not want.

This is to conduct research on your existing list of customer. Ask them for feedback. Ask them if you were to offer them such product would they want it. People who are new can do a marketing research around existing product and find the part which is lacking in the existing product you are promoting and develop your own product. It would also be of a lower cost for yourself. This so-called tapping onto your existing customer and product which the merchant spend thousands of dollars developing.

2) Reduce factors which do not provide high value for your customer.

Ask your customer which feature is useless to them or lesser use to them. Send them a survey or online form to comment. You are doing something extra which add value to your customer by know what they want. I am sure most merchant wouldn't be bothered to do this step. You have the advantage as your customer already know you.

3) Raise factors which adds value to your existing customer.

Build rapport with both your potential customer and existing customer. Segmentation of customer is important. You need to know who your buyers are and who are browser. Always give something which you have used and benefit you in one way or another rather than pushing free information to your customer. This will add value not only to yourself but to your customer. The more specific you are the more likely the customer would response to your future product that you are promoting.

Don't just blast out email to your list. Remember we are into Blue Ocean Affiliate marketing. We build rapport and communicate to them. Just like friends. Send them electronic greeting cards. You are encouraging people to use the service to promote your website and in turn promote your affiliate product.

Allowing one to one advice to some of your highly value customer. I am sure you want to keep those highly value customer on your list for a long long time.

4) Create factors which add value to your new customer.
Now this is the part which will really make a difference. Different customer will require different tools or feature or information. If I ask a affiliates, your list of 10,000 subscriber, how many of them are newbie and how many have never bought a single thing from the Internet before, probably they cannot answer.

Your job is to create different factors that add different value for different group of customer. You might just want to create 3 sub-groups and lay down your own criteria for the person to be in that particular group.

A new value does not need to be a product like e-book or special discount coupon. It can be a piece of motivational story. A solution to some of their day to day problem which you identify can be solved rather easily. These are value which is almost overlooked by most affiliates. Remember your business survive because of your customer. Your customer does not need you more than you need them. Sound simple? But how many affiliates actually do the above? You need to decide your value now.

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