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Monday, November 24, 2008

Increasing your RSS

Every strong website or blog has an RSS feed. These feeds are used by subscribers to read your content and stay updated when changes happen. The stronger the site is in maintaining and increasing these visitors the more money the site will make. However, RSS feeds work off of their own business model and website owners should understand what works in RSS feeds and what doesn't.

Tips for Increasing RSS Feed Subscriptions:

Original Content: Original content gives readers a reason to subscribe to your feed. If they can get the information somewhere else they will subscribe there. Even though it is acceptable to add interesting articles from other authors most of the articles should be uniquely designed for your site.

As well as content the owner of the blog or website should concern himself or herself with quality over quantity. Misspelled words, poor grammar and typos detract from the overall impression of your site. Continual mistakes will make it appear as though you are an amateur.

Credibility: Subscribers to your work want to know that what you are telling them is the truth. They don't enjoy information that is questionable and may hamper their overall reading experience. Questionability is a sign of an amateur who can't back up his work.

There are a number of ways to increase credibility. Quoting well known people in your writing, using references like you were in college, having an appropriate knowledgeable tone for your work. It is also important to understand that the quality of your work (i.e. spelling) also supports the overall credibility of what you are saying.

Listen to Your Audience: The internet group is very verbal about what they like and what they don't like. Listen to your audience's feedback, comments and emails. Watch how certain articles bring in new visitors and try and offer similar type content.
You may also consider adding a poll to your website so that you know exactly what the want. Once you have narrowed down your overall topic base you can then ask them which they prefer. After you have collected this information you can move forward in the process of designing your page and writing content that appeals to them.

Getting Exposed: The best way to increase your overall RSS subscribers is to get your information out there. Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories. You can either do this for free by hand or you can pay a service that will help you submit to these directories. The more times people see our RSS subscription button the more people will subscribe to it. It is a numbers game.

The second method is to locate this subscription feed in a place that everyone is going to see it. Simply shoving this feed some haphazard place on your page isn't going to work. Market in your site, write about it and make your readers aware.

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