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Monday, November 24, 2008

Post everyday

When you start a brand new blog, it’s smart to add a post every day. By putting up a new post every day, you’ll start to win returning readers right away, so that you can get your new blog off to a robust start. Returning readers mean a consistent stream of traffic that grows through word of mouth, so you can count on increasing numbers of visitors without having to worry about marketing. Uploading a post every day will help make your new blog credible and distinctive, two qualities that translate into a devoted readership. Read on to learn how and why putting up a post every day is the best thing you can do for your new blog, why its especially important to post every day during the first month, and how to take your emerging blog to the next stage.

Get Credible
To hold reader interest, a new blog needs to earn credibility fast. The best way to overcome this reader bias against new blogs is to post every day. Because many people start blogs, post once or twice, and then drop the project, surfers are often skeptical of a new blog, and rightly so. After all, until they see otherwise, they have no reason to believe the creator is committed to the project. Posting on your new blog every day for the first few weeks shows visitors that you’re devoted to continuing to provide exciting new content. Readers will understand that if you’re making your new blog enough of a priority that you can find time to post every day, you’re serious about blogging, and are not about to wander off on a whim. This will earn you fast credibility with your readers.
Get Distinctive
To get big visitor numbers, you’ll need returning readers who continue coming back to your site because they enjoy your subject matter, your unique writing style, and everything that makes your blog distinctive. If you can put up a post every day, your new blog will fast accumulate lots of pages, which means lots of chances for readers to get to know you. One of the reasons why it’s unusual for a new blog to attract large amounts of traffic is that readers can’t recognize what distinguishes a new blog from the pack until they get to know the writer’s voice, and that can’t happen unless there is a fair amount of content to browse through. The more information you can give a surfer about the tone and content of your new blog, the more likely you’ll be to hook the valuable repeat visitors who want what you’re writing. The best way to get this information across to surfers isn’t to have a mission statement or a summary of your goals on your front page. The best way is to deliver the goods, so post every day and start building up an impressive archive that will hook return visitors from the start of your new blog.

When Your New Blog Ain’t So New Anymore
Once you’ve gotten your new blog off to a great start, it won’t be a new blog anymore. This means that you can skip a day once in a while and still retain the credibility, distinction, and devoted visitors that you’ve earned.  It’s not as crucial to post every day once your new blog has passed its one month anniversary, because an established blog has some credibility just by virtue of its staying power, and your archives of postings will help readers see how you're distinctive right away.  However, it’s still a good idea to post as often as you can. After all, although your blog may have been up for a while, it’s still a new blog to every new reader, so put your best foot forward by updating often. Although you may not need to post every day, it is important to keep adding fresh new content to your blog on a regular basis. Frequent posting means better search engine rankings, so you’ll keep winning new visitors while solidifying your relationship with your returning fans. If you can’t post every day, try to post regularly one or two days a week; that way, your readership will know when to expect new content, and they’ll be sure to check it out.

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