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Monday, November 24, 2008

Make Money with RSS

Advertising has enjoyed a steady rate of growth on the Internet ever since the general public was first introduced to cyberspace. Along with these ads, the opportunities to make money from them have grown as well. Google started the recent trend of profitable marketing with AdSense; now, with RSS being the latest trend, you may soon find yourself earning income with RSS feeds.

Is such a thing even possible? Simply put, yes. RSS is a new vehicle for advertising, and if you use it correctly you could easily create more client interest in your business.

Since many people still don't know what RSS is or how to use it, I've previously written an article on the subject (you can click the link I've included here to see it.) In a nutshell, RSS is the acronym for "Really Simple Syndication". Similar to a blogroll, it searches the Internet for content related to the parameters you set and automatically adds that content to your site. Before you get upset, it's not plagiarism-the owner of the content you end up publishing has willingly chosen to let others display their work on other websites through the use of an RSS "feed".

This is a benefit to both you and the RSS feeder, since they're having their content displayed to a wider audience than they usually would, and you get to use that content to promote your own website. The content that usually ends up in an RSS feed can be press releases, blog posts, or virtually anything related to the keywords you specify.

If you opt to use RSS feeds on your site, you never have to worry about running out of content. With RSS you have a program that's constantly scouring the web for any and all new information, every single day, all for the sole purpose of helping your website. This way your site is always kept in the public eye with fresh, updated content on a regular basis. How can anyone turn down an opportunity like that? If you work at tweaking your search a little, you can even find content that isn't housed anywhere else. That's extra money in your pocket, and you didn't even have to walk outside to do it.
The true test of your website will come when the client clicks onto it and reads the RSS feed. They're satisfied, but what else can you offer them? If you rely only on that updated content, clients will quickly realize they can get that information from the publisher directly and bypass you entirely. It's very important you offer some other form of incentive, whether it be your own take on the content the feed is adding to your site, or even a simple coupon related to the kind of feed you're receiving.

Make it an irresistible mix of shared and unique content, and you'll have the perfect website that will attract more customers to your site and, in turn, increase your revenue with little effort.

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